Your People Want To Hear From You

You have a captive audience that knows, trusts, and likes you… and that gives you a unique opportunity to educate them, build trust, and make them offers they can’t refuse.

The Competition for Attention Is Fierce

As you saw in the image on the previous page, over 300 billion emails get sent every day.

That’s a lot of activity in the average person’s inbox. So, it’s no surprise that emails from unknown or uncared for sources and those that are poorly written get deleted without a second thought.

Now, this may seem like a daunting fact… and one might wonder “what’s the sense in adding to the noise? If people delete emails without reading them, why bother?”

In a weird way, though, it actually works to your benefit.

Think about it like this: if email marketing were easy, more DMOs and the businesses within their sphere of service would be using it.


But few people have the training, skills, and time to write effective emails that result in opens, clicks, and sales.

And when you put all these things together—the high demand, the low competition, and the potential for huge profits—you’ve got the makings of an extraordinary opportunity to serve your people and reap the rewards.

Do you see a chance to carve a market dominating position for your destination and create an attractive value-added offering by partnering with your businesses to promote them to your DMO audience?

The Numbers

If your competitors are capitalizing on the power of email and you’re not, you’re at a disadvantage. Take the time to understand the value of email campaigns.


more opens


more clicks


more sales


more productivity