Ready To Up Your DMO A Notch?

I want to help you become an exemplary DMO because I’m passionate about tourism and delivering great results before I get paid.

Hi, I’m Rob. Welcome to SuperDMO.

I am a certified destination management executive, former assistant city manager, and founding director of the Office of Business and Tourism (OBT) for Montrose, Colorado.

Fortunate to have a goal-oriented and inspired team, we achieved international accreditation (DMAP) and positioned it as a valued and respected organization in the Montrose community. What’s more, my team and I coached small businesses to boost their sales and profits.

In part of this effort, my tourism colleagues elected me to the board of Destinations International, and my public administration colleagues selected me as the Colorado City & County Management Association Assistant City Manager of the Year.

A student of personal achievement most of my adult life, I am a successful former business owner, real estate investor, marketing vice-president for an NYSE company and a university instructor. I’ve served as an elected official, appeared on television, and spoken at business conferences.

To understand my philosophy on integrating community with tourism and its stakeholders, read my short paper titled From DMO To CMO below.


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From DMO to CMO

What is a community marketing organization and how does it differ from destination marketing and management?

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