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Drip Campaigns

How often do you follow up with your prospects? How often do you follow up with your customers?

On average, 1-3% of prospects are ready to buy at a given time (Now Buyers), leaving 97-99% who are not (Future Buyers). Some may become customers in the future, and some will not.

The variable you can influence is how recognized and trusted you are within the community of likely buyers, so when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

Establish Relationships

You can establish a relationship with the Now Buyers and the 97-99% who are not ready. If you stay in touch and provide relevant information, you increase the likelihood of Future Buyers doing business with you when they are.

And they will refer people they know who are looking for what you have because they feel they know and trust you. This is an enormous opportunity to gain new clients and an outsized reason to have drip campaigns.

More Money, More Time

A drip campaign can bring you customers and add significant revenue to your business without much oversight because once it has been set up and tested, automation takes over and delivers prepared communication to your prospects (or customers) on a scheduled basis.

The fun part, and where you can create incremental sales from your list, is combining aspects of your offer with your campaign.

I’ll use the Sunroom Idea Guide to demonstrate.

Sunroom Idea Guide

Homeowners thinking about remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms, or installing sunrooms, appreciate having an idea guide that shows state-of-the-art concepts and installation of various models.

The sunroom idea guide is impressive. It has written and visual information and is well-designed. It’s just that most people will not read it.

They will request it with every intention of reading it, but about 20% of them actually will.

That’s OK because the piece has captured the prospect’s contact information so the business can stay in touch and develop a relationship.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Rule of 7

Dr. Lant’s rule of seven states a message should reach a person a minimum of seven times in seven ways within 18 months.

The precise number of times depends on variables specific to your product or service. The moral is not to expect to deliver a message once and have your prospect whip out their credit card or make an appointment.

Our sunroom company client used this knowledge to develop a drip campaign based on the idea guide.

The 7 Benefits Of Owning A Sunroom

The sunroom idea guide gets right to the point and explains the seven benefits of owning a sunroom. For example, benefit #1 is the ability to enjoy the outdoors 365 days a year. That is a primary reason someone would buy a sunroom, but since 80% of prospects have not read that, we reintroduce it using a 6”x11” oversized postcard.

Here are copies of the postcards they sent emphasizing two of the seven benefits.

Business Impact

Let’s calculate how this strategy can impact your business. Remember, 80% of sales take place after 5 to 12 points of contact.

Few, if any, of your competitors are doing anything like this. Once your program is in place, you can expect a significant increase in conversions and sales. However, for this quick exercise, we’ll use a 10% conversion rate for your drip campaign.

10% of last year’s total revenue is a safe number for your drip campaign to produce over the next 12 months. And that amount grows yearly for as long as you keep your drip campaign in place. That’s pretty exciting, no?

During a recent business assessment, I found $120,000 in additional annual revenue by implementing a simple drip campaign, which continues to grow exponentially. This found revenue will increase the business’s valuation by nearly $500,000.

Your Next Step

Are you curious how a drip campaign can help achieve your marketing goals?

It’s as easy as clicking the purple button below to schedule a 30-minute call with me. We’ll discuss your situation and goals, and I’ll give you some ideas on how you get there.

So take action now to find out how you benefit.



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