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Build A Colorful And Fragrant

Place That Delights The Senses

I Will Pass On My City Better And More Beautiful

Than It Was Handed To Me

6 Ways To Make Your Community Better

Add Value
Give more than you take. Amazing things happen when we help and serve.

Build Relationships
Care about each other and trust that help will be there when we need it.

Have Fun
Life is better when we have fun, play nicely, do good, and grow.

Help Folks Feel Safe
Ugly talk and bullying have bad energy. We do better with respect and kindness.

Living List
Build relationships with community members by regularly communicating City Hall happenings.

Share Wins
Create a community win board to celebrate successes in the community!


Community Development

What do you want your community to stand for? What will make your residents and stakeholders proud? When you say you are unique, what makes you so? Community development is more than planning, zoning, and building roads, centers, and parks. It’s also preparing your people to achieve with skills that make them successful, unshakable, and confident.

Economic Development

Economic development is a three-legged stool. It is for business attraction, retention, and expansion. Too often, community leaders become seduced by the glamor of attracting new businesses with incentives. A fraction of those resources directed to providing training and workshops for their small business people will keep their doors open and enable them to expand.

Organizational Development

At the core of a town hall is a culture that is driven by values. If the values are spotty and transient, the culture will be satisfied with people who do a job with lackluster performance. If the organization has thoughtfully adopted meaningful values that represent the community and the organization’s aspirations, then its culture will be one of excellence.

Three Thoughts

Being Well

How often do you feel good and function well?

When you feel well, you develop your potential, work productively and creatively, form positive relationships with others, and contribute to family, friends, and community.

And as a bonus, you get to be happy!

Setting & Achieving Goals

Are you willing to wake up five years from now and be in more or less the same spot as you are now, just with a different year on the calendar?

Set goals that make you a better person so you can live life to the limit and have what you want, not what you think you can have.

Resilience & Gratitude

Do you think today is just another day in your life? It’s not. It’s an extension of the gift.

The right response is gratefulness and resilience to make the best of it. If you respond as if it were the first day in your life and the very last day, you will have lived this day very well.